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Businesses have been using vehicle branding since the first cars hit the road. Originally most cars utilized painted letters, but they were permanent and difficult to update. In the early 1960's, the innovation of pressure sensitive vinyl letters changed the graphics world. This provided a similar look to letter painting, but the graphics were removable unlike paint. Auto manufacturers utilized this new technology for creating a lot of the wood grain panels seen on a lot of vehicles of this era. As printing technology improved, eventually printed graphics made their way onto vehicles, as business owners started to realize the benefits of visual advertising. In 1993, Pepsi experimented with a worlds first by wrapping an entire city bus in a graphic advertisement, windows and all! The visual graphics provided the company with a refreshing message for all their viewers and the rest is history, as the vehicle wrap was officially born!

It’s obvious why you see more and more companies going with car wraps these days. With most forms of commercial advertising, you pay for the value of visual impressions— the more impressions an ad makes, the more valuable it is. Billboards have always been the most popular form of street advertising and out of home advertising for large companies. They are massive, colorful and get seen by hundreds of thousands of motorists, pedestrians and passing birds every day. When was the last time you didn’t look at a Billboard? Okay, so maybe that was a trick question, but the idea is that it’s hard to avoid looking at one and there’s probably a few of them that you can remember right now.

Real-estate for prime in-your-face ad space is going up exponentially every year. Advertisers are looking for new ways to invest their money where it counts without breaking the bank— and let’s face it, these days, who has thousands of dollars to pay out each month for a street side Billboard?

Wouldn’t it be nice to own your own Billboard? Or better yet! How about one with tires and a transmission that can move down the highway! Placing your local business advertising exactly where you need it!

Commercial vehicle wraps allow you to advertise in locations where signs have been forbidden in the past. Take your mobile billboard, which in this case is a vehicle wrap on your company car, and park it at the busy side of the parking lot. With your car wrap positioned strategically like this, everyone who drives by will finally see that you cater special events, or you can simply make your business known to potential customers that wouldn't see you otherwise. Now you OWN some serious “in-your-face” real-estate that goes where you want when you want, for pennies on the dollar compared to other advertising options.

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It's scientifically proven...

The Department of Transportation (DOT) estimates that you only have 8 seconds to be noticed on the road. If that’s the case, who is going to have the time to read all the bullet points scattered across the side of your vehicle in those 8 seconds, AND have time to remember your contact information or company name? Will they even be able to recall your business at all? Pictures speak 1000 words isn’t just an old adage, studies across the globe have proven that the human mind remembers graphical information better than text alone. This is the reason why people salivate when shown a juicy burger rather than the words, “juicy burger”… or have a sudden urge to pee when they see a flowing river vs. just reading, “flowing river”.

Commercial vehicle vinyl wraps allow you to get your message across in a visual form rather than written, it's not about displaying your services in pictures, but gaining impressions on your branding, with eye catching graphics. Not only will your business stand out with its new car wrap, a full color mobile billboard which is excruciatingly difficult to ignore.. you've also developed a reference point in your clients memory with your business, to your design… your BRAND.

What should my car wrap look like?

Standing out from thousands of cars and businesses on the road isn’t easy, especially when your competition looks just like you. Full color car wraps allow you to unleash your imagination. Not imaginative? That’s okay, our in-house designers can imagine for you. Life-size pictures of your remodeling service, a silhouette of your creations, an abstract/vague blurb running across the length of your car “got wrap?” with colorful random elements... the marketing tactics are almost endless. We can help you be creative and unique, separating you from your competition and setting your branding apart from the crowd. All while bringing life to your company vehicle and company as a whole.

Let the story tell itself in pictures, rather than words. Think about what your company is all about and what message you want to convey to potential customers, then we’ll take care of the rest. We'll help make the process painless and easy. Once we have your design approved for production, it’s only a matter of days until your vehicle wrap is complete and ready to start making an impression on the road.

How does it work?

We’re often asked if a car wrap or other vinyl graphics damage the factory finish of your car, and the short answer is no. When printing a commercial wrap, we only use the best vehicle wrap materials available. These films have been specifically designed for long term clean removability and for years of graphic performance. When it comes time for removal, a properly maintained wrap can be taken off with some heat and some good old fashioned elbow grease, exposing the OEM paint underneath preserved like it was from day the day it was installed. Horizontal surfaces such as hoods, trunks and roofs which are more vulnerable to the elements may need to be removed or replaced sooner. With proper care like garaging, hand washes and the use of detail products, you can add years onto the life expectancy of your wrap, possibly exceeding the lift of your vehicle.

Due to the fact we use premium materials for installation for all our wraps, you can expect to get an outdoor durability of 5-10 years!

Who should get a vehicle wrap?

That can depend on a lot of factors like your business' advertising objectives, and your marketing strategy. But we've seen success working with businesses of all types and sizes whether you're a startup, small business, or multinational conglomerate. We've worked on all types of wrap projects including food truck wraps, fleet wraps, van signs, truck signs, and other car vinyl graphics. If you have a vehicle for business use, it only makes sense that you take advantage of those highway miles by making sure your business is seen.

Still have more questions? No problem! Check out our FAQ page for some questions we often get about vinyl and vehicle wraps, or feel free to give us a call, we'd be more than happy to help!

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