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Graphic Vehicle Wraps

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own Billboard? How about one that moves down the highway? Commercial car wraps enable businesses to advertise everywhere and anywhere. Making your business stand out from the competition.

Graphic Vehicle Wraps
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Color Change Car Wraps

Color change car wraps allow anyone to have exotic vehicle colors and specialty finishes for a fraction of the cost of paint, without the commitment of paint. Our certified installers thoroughly breakdown your vehicle to cover any exposed paint, even in the nooks and crannies.

Color Change Car Wraps
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Fleet Services

With 10+ years of fleet project management experience, we’re your go to shop for managing your fleet’s graphic commercial wraps. We’ll ensure a consistent brand experience across the board.

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Vehicle Restyling

Utilize partial vinyl vehicle wraps, decals and custom graphics to stand out and enhance the look of your vehicle. Use partial wraps to add stripes or blackout the chrome and make your car your own.

Vehicle Restyling
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Paint protection film (PPF)

Protect Your Car with a Paint Protection Film

Protect your car from everyday road debris from Bay Area roads with a Paint Protection Film (PPF) wrap.
Paint Protection Films
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Shield IconPaint Protection Film (PPF) installation on McClaren
Why Commercial Wraps?

Get more bang for your buck

Targeted and reliable marketing for your business, all for less than the price of a coffee per day. Read our full commercial car wrap cost breakdown.
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Graphic Vinyl Wrap
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Popcorn Delivery
Grocery Delivery Startup
Customers Showcase

Color Pop Wrap for Popcorn Delivery

Popcorn's eye-catching fleet vinyl wraps help it stand apart in the competitive startup delivery market
Wrap Process

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We’ll be here to guide you through every step of the way, but if you’d like an in-depth overview check out our process page.

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  • How much does a car wrap cost?

    Getting straight to some general vehicle wrap pricing, an average graphic advertisement wrap is about $2500 and the average color change paint replacement wrap is closer to $3600. Check out our wrap pricing guide for a better idea of how much a personal color change wrap will cost.

    Chrome wraps? Most chrome wraps start in the $6,000 range… yes, it’s that expensive! Chrome vinyl is the most expensive film and hardest to install.

    Want to just wrap your rooftop or hood? That can cost closer to $200-$450. All the chrome trim on the outside of your vehicle, $500 to $1200. These are all of course just a ballpark range and your price could be slightly less or possibly even more expensive.

    Check out our detailed commercial wrap pricing guide for in-depth wrap pricing for businesses.

  • How do I care for a wrap?

    Maintaining your wrap is easy. The same way you would want to take care of a quality paint job, you would with a wrap. Hand washing is always best. You can go to a full service car wash station which uses actual humans to scrub your car.

    Avoid drive through car washes with those crazy spinning whips but you also want to avoid touch-less car washes which use extremely high pressures.

    You don’t need to, but you can wax your wrap with using waxes recommended for leather and plastic parts and make sure they do not contain any Carnauba aka Palm wax, as the acid content in this type of wax doesn’t play well with vinyl.

    Check out our wrap care guide for a more detailed breakdown.

  • Can I vinyl wrap my windows?

    Yes, we do wrap windows! In California (at the moment this is written at least), you can pretty much do anything to the windows behind the driver and passenger seats.

    We can use perforated vinyl or partial cut-vinyl decals to allow for visibility. We can also black out your back windows if you don’t care to see out of them.

  • Do you contract out your work?

    No, we don’t contract our installations to freelance vinyl installers. We do this for a bunch of reasons, but the primary one is: quality.

    A lot of shops will contract out work to 3rd party installers if their shop is at capacity, or they may not even employ any of their own installers. Vinyl installations, when done incorrectly, can lead to body and paint damage, peeling, and can be costly to repair or remove.

    We employ all of our installers in-house to ensure quality is consistent across all of our projects, so your car leaves our shop with a wrap installed to last. 

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