Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

We will never share or sell your information, period. Customer email, phone and other provided contact information may be used internally by Vinyl ink staff to contact the customer regarding their order, products or services provided by Vinyl ink. We pledge to not spam our customers but will occasionally send our customers follow up correspondence regarding the products or services received from us; such as, quality assurance emails, product bulletins and care documents or warranty information related directly to a product you have received. If at anytime the customer chooses to be removed from our future correspondence, they may do so, but may no longer receive important information regarding the products received. Additionally, customers may opt to receive special promotions or product specials and will receive correspondence accordingly. An opt-out option will be provided at the bottom of our emails, and/or the customer may submit a written request to “remove@vinyl.ink” or mailed to our address: 4835 Davenport Place, Fremont, CA 94538, and our records will be updated to accommodate the request. Please allow 2-5 days for removal.

Our Use & Branding

Vinyl ink may use images of customers products in their promotional items including online website and ads. Additionally, Vinyl ink may install branded license frames on vehicles without an existing license frame, or replace the dealer license frames on customer vehicles with a Vinyl ink branded frame unless declined by the customer before vehicle completion. We do not replace license frames on rented, leased, transit or government vehicles.

Our Care Guarantee

We know we are responsible for taking care of your property while your vehicle is on our premises. To ensure accountability, we perform a thorough check-in of your property which will include recording mileage, the vehicles identification number as well as a visual inspection of the perimeter of your vehicle upon drop-off followed by a high def 360 degree video record which will be kept on file for 2 weeks post installation. Our installers are factory trained and certified to ensure that we perform all installations to the manufactures specifications. Additionally, all team members are routinely trained on tool safety and proper procedure to maintain the highest quality installation for our customers. We are fully insured and guarantee against incidental damage to your property by our staff while working on and moving your vehicle within and around our property.

Paint Issues

The films used by our shop are specifically designed for installation on vehicles and are designed to be applied and removed without damage to a good factory paint finish. With that said, vehicles older than 5 years or with aftermarket paint/paint issues may experience problems during or after installation. Although we will take every measure to avoid issues by using safe installation practices and quality materials rated for vehicle application, we are unable to provide any guarantees that there will not be damage to the paint during or after installation due to paint quality, further, we are unable to provide installation warranties due to manufacturer paint failure.

Completion Delays

Completion time may vary due to unforeseen circumstances. Please be prepared for delays ranging from hours to possibly days depending on the situation. In very rare circumstances we may provide a guaranteed turnaround time, but unless we have explicitly stated such in writing prior to your appointment, installation turnaround times are estimates and we will do our best to return your vehicle to you in a timely fashion.

Vehicle/Personal Belongings, Storage

Occasionally due to space limitations, we may need to park your vehicle outside while it is in our possession. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to maintain comprehensive liability insurance on their vehicle to protect against the outside elements. Additionally, we are not responsible for personal belongings or valuables left in the vehicles. Please remove these items prior to leaving or assume all responsibility.

We're the experts

We install wraps our way utilizing best practices, experience, common sense, industry techniques and good ol’ judgment. Our installers may make adjustments during installation and/or utilize patches, overlays, and seams when necessary.

Very minor defects

We strive for perfection but occasionally reality sets in. We are working with very large sticky panels and there is a negligible tolerance for alignment and/or minor defects during application. There may be small defects such as dust particles, small contaminates, small tiny creases or tears, adhesive lines underneath the vinyl, or other minor imperfections in the final product. Of course our reputation is on the line, so we don’t allow large discrepancies, but occasionally… alignment of panels and graphics may be slightly off from body lines or may not match up “exactly” to another panel… either due to a shift during application or because of an illusion from the angled body lines of the vehicle. Trust us, we re-do many installs before our clients even know there was a problem in the first place. If you need a Picasso, you may need to upgrade your install.

Horizontal durability

Manufacturer’s warranty varies from product to product, but horizontal durability is always only 1-3 years depending on the material/product. After this time, the installation must be removed on these areas or reinstalled. Perforated window graphics only have a life expectancy of about 1 year.

What you're getting

If it is not noted on the work order or print proof, then it’s very likely not included. No additional coverage or services are to be expected unless expressed in writing. All prices are quoted as a “package” unless specifically stated.


All completion times are estimates. An estimate of ”one business day” means, if you drop it off Friday at 10am, you’ll pick it up Monday at 10am. Agreed turnaround time for products begins after artwork approval and still is not a guarantee, as unexpected forces may delay completion (please keep this in mind when scheduling).

Artwork, Designs, Files & Intellectual Property

All artwork provided by Vinyl ink, is property of Vinyl ink unless purchased separately. We do not release ANY files without a purchase receipt, regardless of original ownership. This includes but is not limited to customer provided logo files, stock photos or other digital assets that are transmitted to Vinyl ink by the customer or on the customers behalf. To keep costs down for our customers, all design services and other setup charges incurred are discounted “for our use only”, as a result, they do not include the full cost of services rendered or services required for transferring assets to our customers for other use, and therefore these charges are not a transfer of ownership unless otherwise stated as such.

The customer is responsible for content, colors, measurements and safety bleed of all provided or “print ready” art in addition to retaining copies of their own files. Vinyl ink will not be held liable for print quality which is affected by the quality and resolution of customer provided artwork (simply put, crappy in, crappy out).

Vinyl ink is not liable for storage and safekeeping of all digital assets regardless of timeline. Our company will make an attempt at retaining redundant copies of all files created for our customers for a period of 10 years from the last time of use, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the loss of digital assets may be inevitable. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to retain copies of all original art files which were submit or created by Vinyl ink.

Customer Provided

On the rare occasion we accept customer provided materials, the customer understands that Vinyl ink cannot guarantee installation or any product warranties of any kind. Vinyl ink is not responsible for accuracy or quality of any items which were not provided by Vinyl ink, including but not limited to damaged caused by provided items. Shops who provide us with printed graphics for wholesale installations are required to provide any reprints as needed by our installation team, at no extra cost, valued up-to 20% of our invoice total. Reprints which exceed this amount may be billed to Vinyl ink at a wholesale cost not to exceed $3/sq ft.


There are no refunds for special order items or work completed. Full payment is due upon completion and release of all jobs unless otherwise agreed. In the event of a non-payment, we may reserve our right to revoke release of property until full payment is made. Customer is responsible for fees & penalties of returned payments plus interest. Final payment of the work order is understood as the customers satisfaction and acceptance of the finished product. A “chargeback” will be considered premature and null until the customer has given Vinyl ink ample opportunity to correct the customers claims, within reason. Invoices older than 1 year with no action, emails, communication from the customer, may become absorbed into the company and written off.

Appointments/Installation & Cancellation

Vehicles must be washed a minimum of 24 hours and no more than 4 days in advance or additional fees may be applied and your install could be delayed. The purpose of washing prior to your appointment is to remove excess dirt and contaminates and to ensure the vehicle is thoroughly dry when it arrives at our shop. We will clean the vehicles again using a detailed 3 step “waterless” cleaning process once the vehicles are here.

Cleaning Fee: Small - Medium $115, Large or Oversized $175, Extremely dirty vehicles add $90.

Your appointment means we have dedicated garage space and staff reserved specifically for each hour and day your vehicle is here at our shop; space that could have been reserved for another customer. Late drop-off or appointments cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice may be subject to a fee charged at a rate of $160/scheduled appointment day. This does not include any cost of materials which have already been special ordered or produced for your installation which will also be due, should there be a complete cancellation. In the event of a late drop off, your appointment may overlap other appointments in which case your appointment will be considered secondary, resulting is possible completion delays.


Due to the nature of most products provided by Vinyl ink, all finished products are sold as-is. The finished product should adhere to its respective warranties for a period no longer than specified by the manufacturers terms. Vinyl ink will provide almost all installations a 1 year guarantee unless the film/product manufacturers specifications do not expect performance up-to this timeline. The provided installation warranty begins when the customer picks up the product and ends in one calendar year. Our warranty is limited to product failures directly related to the preparation and application of the product to the substrate. An installation warranty does not cover failure of a product due to product performance, failure of the substrate or damage caused inadvertently by customer or other non installation failures. Additionally a warranty may not cover quality of installation, more specifically related to customers own perceived expectations beyond those which are assumed as “industry standard”. We may extend additional product and installation support to the customer indefinitely at our discretion. Please note that manufacturer warranties typically do not cover the removal and reinstallation of warrantied products.


Vinyl ink will repair or replace any products manufactured in-house, at their own expense, if deemed necessary to fulfill an installation warranty claim. The customer understands that they must provide Vinyl ink reasonable time to remedy any claims to meet the original agreed standards and commitments. We will take every effort to correct any claims submit by the customer in an expeditious manner so as to minimize the downtime on the customer and their business. If the customer does not return the product(s) to Vinyl ink or allow us to remedy such problems within 10 days of discovery of a claim, then they will forfeit any protections provided otherwise. Any product specific warranty claims must be made by the customer directly through the respective manufacturer and may not cover, removal, reinstallation, printing or other shop costs associated with the replacement of product. In the event of a manufacturers claim, Vinyl ink is not obligated to cover these additional expenses but will try to accommodate our customers to try and ease the financial burden as much as possible. Additionally, customer understands that Vinyl ink shall not be held liable for any damage or failure if Vinyl ink is not allowed to repair or replace claims which may be covered, within a timely manner. Vinyl ink will not be responsible for incidental expenses arising from any claim. This includes but is not limited to loss of income/business, rental, travel or transportation expenses.


What’s done is done… Your graphics are probably already printed and you are now dropping off your vehicle for installation, which means no more changes. Signed off print proofs are final and we just need to remind you that we are not responsible for any issues with artwork which you have already approved for production. This includes text, spelling, color, etc which all this should have been reviewed prior to your installation date. By accepting a completed job, you acknowledge that the performance is satisfactory and that you have fully inspected the product upon receipt. Any disputes of product quality or damage must be reported to Vinyl ink within 3 business days of receipt (ie. if product is received on Friday at 6pm, dispute must be reported by Wednesday at 6pm). Disputed beyond the initial 3 business days will be considered a warranty issue if product or installation related.

We thank you for your time and look forward to providing you with excellent service.