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Accent your car with partial vinyl wraps

BMW M3 roof wrap accent

Love your vehicle but want to add accents to stand apart from the rest? Utilize the beauty of partial vinyl wraps to enhance the look of your vehicle. Just a little vinyl can go a long way to break up a large canvas one color.

Owned and operated by a 3M, Avery, and STEK certified installer, our in-house designers and experienced installers will work with you to make your vehicle suit your style! We have a variety of different materials from carbon fiber to matte black to shiny chrome for you to choose from. Check out the newest colors from Avery and 3M including their color changing/shifting vinyl films. Samples of all vinyl wraps available at our Fremont location.

The possibilities are endless! For Instance, we’ve done race stripes, accented mirrors, black roof wraps that emulate panoramic rooftops, carbon fiber hood wraps, spoiler wraps and much more. Making your vision a reality, and getting the results you want is our specialty.

We understand that your car is an expression of yourself and we take that seriously. There is a highly skilled design team who will work with you to make sure that your vehicle looks just the way you want it. Also, we can order a variety of different vinyl to fit your imagination and can even print and cut vinyl to your specifications.

Accent wrap on Lotus Elise

You're allowed to change your mind

Most importantly, If you are no longer feeling the stripes or detailing you put on your car a year or two ago, don’t worry! The vinyl is 100% removable and will not leave behind any residue or damage your original paint! Our vinyl wraps come with a manufacturer warranted clean removal period to ensure that you can change your mind about the look of your vehicle.

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