Personalized Car Wraps

Change your car's appearance with a vehicle wrap, without committing to a color with an expensive paint job

Vinyl car wraps allow car owners to update the look of their vehicle with a fresh finish or achieve paint colors which weren’t available to them from the dealer, all while retaining the original paint underneath.

What is a vinyl wrap or color change car wrap?

A color change car wrap is a full-coverage vinyl wrap that completely hides the underlying color of your car. Nooks, crannies, door edges, and mirrors will all be covered with a custom vinyl color to completely transform the exterior of your car. Vinyl wraps, when cared for properly, are easy to remove and leave your paint completely undamaged.

Benefits of vinyl wraps

  • Vinyl wraps protect your car’s surface from harsh outdoor elements like UV rays, bug splatter, bird droppings, and water marks
  • Car wraps allow you to change your car’s appearance without committing to a permanent paint job
  • Vinyl let you customize your vehicle with wrap finishes and colors that would be costly to replicate with a paint job

Vinyl wrap coverage options

Vehicle wraps give you the flexibility to decide how much of your car you would like to customize. Most of our customers opt for a full wrap which changes the entire appearance of your car. But, full coverage car wraps aren’t the only route you can go when customizing your car. Vehicle restyling can be an effective option to customize your ride, at a cheaper price point than a full wrap.

Here’s the available wrap options we offer for personal vehicles at Vinyl ink:

  • Full color change vehicle wraps
  • Vehicle restyling with partial wraps (ie. hood / roof wrap)
  • Large decals & custom vehicle stickers 

Custom vehicle graphics

For those feeling more adventurous, our large format printers allow customers to create their own custom graphics to wrap their cars with. While this is more expensive than wrapping with a single color alone, it enables drivers to have a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle on the road.

Express yourself with your favorite sports team, TV show, pattern, gradient, and more. The same level of customization with paint would be very expensive and time consuming.

Car wrap colors & materials

Some colors are currently unavailable or on backorder due to supply chain and manufacturing constraints.

Here at Vinyl ink, we only use the highest quality material available on the market: Avery & 3M. Both of these manufacturers offer 7 year warranties for vertical surfaces, protecting your investment from material failures not covered by smaller brands. Our printers are certified by 3M every year to ensure our customers receive the best warranty and performance from their printed graphics.

Wrap technology is constantly evolving, with new material and colors combinations coming out every year. Color shifting, chrome, and textured wrap options enable you to achieve looks previously unattainable with paint. All without spending $20,000+ on a paint job.

Vinyl wraps have a few primary categories that group different material types, giving you an idea of what’s possible with car wraps.

Explore Wrap Material Types Below:

Mercedes C Class with Glossy Car Wrap

Gloss Wrap Material

Tesla Model 3 Side Door Closeup with Satin Car Wrap

Satin Wrap Material

Audi S5 with Matte Grey Car Wrap

Matte Wrap Material

Tesla Model X with Color Shifting Car Wrap

Color Shift Wrap Material

Nissan GTR with Chrome Metallic Car Wrap

Metallic & Chrome Wrap Material

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3M Vinyl Wrap Colors

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2080 car wrap colors

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Avery Vinyl Wrap Colors

Check out Avery's latest
SW900 car wrap colors

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Wrap Project Timeline

Compared to a paint job, car wraps are much faster and can get you back on the road within 4-6 business days. Paint can keep your car in the shop for weeks, and in some cases months. Here’s a brief overview of the vehicle wrap process from start to finish:

  • Submit a quote with your vehicle and wrap project specifications
  • Work with our team to determine the type of car wrap (colors and materials), or designs for custom printed vehicle wraps
  • Stop by the shop for an in-person vehicle inspection
  • We provide a quote, and you pay the deposit to start the project
  • Drop your car off
  • Pick up your car in a few days!

Popular Vehicle Wrap Projects

Cost of Wrapping a Car

Most full color change car wraps can range anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000+ depending on the complexity and size of your vehicle, and the type of wrap material chosen.  

Many underestimate the cost of wrapping a car. But, when done right, a car wrap is both time and labor intensive. Proper vehicle wrapping involves disassembling various body components to ensure all visible areas are covered. 

You may come across shops or freelance installers offering wraps from $1,500 to $2,500, but take caution before proceeding. Material costs (our cost) alone ranges between $700-$1200 and we typically spend between 40-60 hours cleaning/prepping and installing wraps. There are only two ways for anyone to provide these extremely low prices and that is either to use cheaper generic films and/or to cut corners during installation.

Improperly installed wraps can permanently damage your car and original paint.

See More: Check out our How Much Does a Car Wrap Cost page for more detail on wrap pricing factors

When Does a Car Wrap Make Sense

Car wraps aren’t for everyone. They require regular maintenance just like a good quality paint finish, and are best suited being stored indoors or under a vehicle cover. If your vehicle is older than 10 years, you’re likely looking to cover unsightly paint with a vinyl wrap. But, vinyl wraps are not a magical fix to worn or damaged paint. 

While a quality repaint finish is going to cost you upwards of $9,000, you can probably find a lot of cheap “scuff and spray” paint shops which will refinish your whole vehicle for as low as a couple thousand using cheap single stage paints.

Vinyl Wraps Don't Fix Paint Issues

If your paint is in poor condition, it will need to be either repaired and in a “paint ready” state, or it just needs to be repainted and called done. This is when the cost difference between a cheap paint job and a vinyl wrap may not be justified. If your paint looks a little less than fresh, then you’ll need to know that vinyl will show all the little imperfections in your paint finish. 

These can be anywhere from chips, flaking paint, scratches, even dust in your factory clear coat… and yes, you can likely get a paint job for much less than vinyl, since an “okay” look is very much acceptable at this point.

See More: Check out our Gallery page for more photos on color change vinyl wraps

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