Paint Protection Film (PPF) Wrap

Protect your car from rock chips, scratches, stains, and more. All while enhancing your original factory gloss with a PPF wrap.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is more commonly known as “Clear Bra” but also goes by various different names including the abbreviated version “PPF” as well as a “clear wrap” or “rock guard” and sometimes “PPF wrap.” The films typically consist of an 8 mil thick, crystal clear, thermo-plastic urethane film that is highly puncture resistant and has self-healing properties that allow most scratches to disappear on their own. The film builds up a thick invisible coating on top of your paint to protect against rock chips while driving on the road.

The films were originally designed in the 1950’s during the Vietnam War to protect the ridiculously expensive rotor blades of military helicopters. The films were then used to protect the noses on fighter jets and then entire planes. Eventually, they were adopted by race car drivers and then professional skiers. As the film became thinner and more flexible, it made its way to being commonly used on vehicles for the every day consumer.

In just the last decade, the film technology has transformed 10 fold with the newest films providing better durability, incredible gloss, and more conformability than ever before.

What we use to protect your car and why

DYNOshield paint protection film (PPF) is a crystal clear PPF using STEK’s unique nano ceramic top coating HYDROphobe®, delivering an extremely high gloss, extra durable finish.

DYNOshield’s brilliant shine will give your car finish that “just waxed” look year after year without you ever having to apply any wax! HYDROphobe improves contaminant resistance from water marks, insects, bird droppings, road oils, exhaust smoke, and pollutants that can create stains, yellowing, and gloss out on the film’s surface. With the excellent “shock-proofing” properties of DYNOshield Paint Protection Film, your vehicle is protected against chipping, scratching, car wash brush marks, and everyday elements which wear away your paint finish.

DYNOshield Specifications

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PPF Coverage Options

PPF Coverage Diagram Showing Protection on Front Bumper, Fenders, Hood & Mirror Caps

Road Guard

$2,195 - $4,385

The most basic protection any car owner should invest in. Guard your vehicle against road debris from everyday driving. Rock chips on your front bumper, hood and fenders are a thing of the past!


Front Bumper, Fenders, Hood & Mirror Caps

PPF Coverage Diagram Showing Protection on Front Bumper, Fenders, Hood, Mirror Caps, Side Doors, Lower Rockers & Loading Strip

Parking Warrior

$3,795 - $5,650

Essential for protection against everyday driving as well as scratches incurred at most shopping centers and parking lots. Park with confidence knowing that this package provides scratch and scuff protection to all your doors and your lower rocker panels.


Front Bumper, Fenders, Hood, Mirror Caps, Side Doors, Lower Rockers & Loading Strip

PPF Coverage Diagram Showing Protection on All Painted Surfaces & Front Lights


$6,350 - $15,000+

When you want confidence that you have complete 360° degree coverage of all painted surfaces of your vehicle. Our Confidence Package will provide your entire vehicle superior defense against rocks, scratches and scuffing, bird droppings and other stains, all while giving your paint a rich shine. Your car washes just became so much easier with the built-in hydrophobic properties of your new Paint Protection Wrap.


All Painted Surfaces & Front Lights


The highest level of protection from all the elements with 360 coverage of all surfaces including all lights and your front windshield. Plus, an additional hand application of C. Quartz 3.0 ceramic coating to give you EXTREME ASSURANCE against oils, dirt, contaminants and UV.


All painted surfaces, all lights, windshield & ceramic coat application.

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