How Much Does a Car Wrap Cost

Looking to see how much a car wrap costs? Check out our in-depth car wrap pricing guide.

Wondering how much it would cost to get your car wrapped? You're in luck - we've got all the info you need right here. So read on to find out everything you need to know about car wraps and their pricing! To get ballpark estimates for commercial graphic wraps for your business, check out our pricing page for more information. 

This page is meant to provide you with a starting point to wrap pricing, but actual prices are bound to vary by location, vehicle, material type, etc.

Our shop, Vinyl ink, is located in Northern California, so these prices will generally be more specific to our region. The determining factors are somewhat universal and should be able to give you a good starting point for your wrap project wherever you are.

Without further ado let’s get into it!

Tesla with Color Shift Paint Replacement Wrap

Is it Cheaper to Wrap a Car or Paint It?

It's typically cheaper to wrap a car than it is to paint it. Professional car wrapping can cost anywhere from $2,000 - $7,000+ compared to the cost of a quality paint job which ranges from $3,500 - $10,000+. With car wrapping, you get a wide range of colors and finishes that can last up to 5 years depending on the care taken with the wrapped vehicle. On top of that, removing or changing the wrap is much easier than traditional paint jobs.

Compared to a paint job, car wraps are much faster than getting your car painted. Getting your vehicle wrapped can take a couple of days. A paint job may require you to be without your car for up to two-weeks.

If you're looking for an efficient and budget-friendly way to spruce up your ride, car wrapping is worth considering!

Average Color Change Wrap Costs: Start at $3600

Types of Vehicle Wrap Coverage: Full Wraps and Partial Wraps

Full Color-Change Car Wraps

A full wrap covers the entire exterior of a vehicle, from hood to trunk and everything in between. A color change wrap is one that completely hides the original paint underneath a wrapped car. This type of wrap is effective for making a bold statement or completely revamping the look of a vehicle.

If cared for properly, a wrap can prevent your car's paint job from being exposed to external elements. It can also be used to protect the vehicle's paint from fading, scratches, and other damage. Reducing the chances of needing a paint touchup, and increasing your car's resale value.

Mini cooper with partial wrap decal

Partial Car Wraps

Partial wraps are just as they sound: they cover only a portion of the exterior of a vehicle. They're typically used to add accents or highlights on certain areas of the car's body. This type of car wrap is best suited for those who want to give their ride a unique customized look, without the cost of a full vehicle wrap. For more information on partial wraps and decals, check out our vehicle restyling page.

Cost for a Full Car Wrap vs. The Cost of a Partial Wrap

The cost of car wrapping will vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. Full wraps tend to cost anywhere from $2,500 - $7,000 while partial wraps may range from $500 - $2,500. It's important to keep in mind that these prices can vary depending on the materials used and the complexity of the job.

GTR with Chrome Wrap and Black Hood Accents

Types of Wrap Finishes: Chrome, Matte, Glossy, and Color Changing Wraps

Vinyl wraps are a great way to give your car a unique look that is sure to turn heads with eye-catching graphics. There are many different types of finishes you can get with vinyl wraps, such as chrome, matte, gloss, or color change wraps.

Chrome vinyl and metallic wraps are the perfect choices for those looking to stand out on the road. Matte wraps are great for those who want a classic, more subtle look. Glossy wraps are excellent for achieving that ultra-shiny finish. And if you're looking to completely revamp the look of your ride, color change wraps will do just that!

Car Wrap Cost & Different Vinyl Wrap Finishes

The cost of car wrapping varies greatly depending on what type of wrap you choose and the complexity of the job. The cost to wrap a luxury sports car in gold chrome can run upwards of $8,000 - $9,000+. While a gloss car wrap on a compact car could run between $2,500 - $3,000+.

Types of Vinyl Wrap Brands

When it comes to vinyl wrap brands, there are two major players in the market: 3M and Avery. Each has its unique advantages and can dramatically influence the price of a car wrap job.

Premium Car Wrap Brands: Avery and 3M

Here at Vinyl ink we only use the best materials available and high-quality vinyl, ensuring you'll have a long-lasting car wrap. 3M vinyl wraps are known to be more expensive, but they offer a greater range of colors and finishes. 3M also has its own patented technology which helps create the highest quality car wrap finish available. Avery wraps, on the other hand, are slightly cheaper and known for their ease of installation.

Beware of Cheap Vehicle Wraps

Always check with your wrap installers to see what types of materials they'll be using when wrapping your car. Ask to see if they've completed any certifications of training programs with car wrap manufacturers. Use caution when getting a wrap from an individual and not a business, especially if they're offering a full car wrap for under $2,000.

To offer these competitive prices they'll use cheap vinyl from AliExpress or Amazon, which cost significantly less than top vinyl brands. These types of vinyl can damage your car's paint job in the long run and can be much more expensive to remove.

How Much Time is Spent Wrapping a Car?

People often wonder how much labor goes into a car wrap. Vinyl wrapping is a tedious and time-consuming process when done right. An experienced professional wrap installer can often complete a full wrap in two or four days depending on the size and complexity of the project. It can take a little longer for larger vehicles with more intricate designs, as well as wraps that involve a color change.

Vehicle Body Shapes & Wrap Cost

If you have a luxury car or a car with a lot of body lines, expect to pay more for your wrap. This can often increase the amount of labor needed to wrap your car. It takes installers longer to disassemble vehicles with more complicated body shapes.

How Long Does a Car Wrap Last For?

A car wrap typically lasts anywhere from 3 to 7 years depending on the care taken of the wrapped vehicle. The longevity of a car wrap can be increased by properly maintaining and cleaning it, as well as avoiding any sharp objects that might damage the wrap. Properly washing a car wrap is important because dirt and grime can accumulate over time and can deteriorate your wrap.

Car Wraps and Sun Exposure

Car wraps fade with prolonged exposure to UV rays, especially if you are not caring for your vinyl regularly. It's recommended to store your car indoors if possible, as this is one of the best ways to extend the life of your car wrap.

Is a vehicle wrap worth it?

For businesses, a wrap is absolutely worth it. We have an entire page dedicated to comparing different advertising mediums, vehicle wraps included. This page goes in depth on various marketing tactics to generate brand awareness and has some pretty shocking wrap stats. Check it out here.

For personal cars it can be a bit more of a grey area. Wraps require a smooth base to apply on, which means no paint chips, rust spots, or peeling. It wouldn’t make sense to spend $5,000 on a color change wrap to cover paint imperfections, that will likely show through and begin to fail soon after. You’d be better off putting the money towards a cheap paint job and we discuss that more in-depth on this page.

Wraps are definitely worth it if you’re looking to change up your car’s vibes without committing to a color for the next 10+ years, like you would with an expensive paint job. The best part, if you change your mind, your original colors will always available to switch back to.

Car Wrap Cost by Vehicle & Wrap Coverage

Here's a brief breakdown of estimates for full wraps based on vehicle type. These are meant to provide a quick estimate for your wrap project. Your project will vary depending on the factors we listed above. If you're interested in receiving an in-depth quote, please submit a quote and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Vehicle Types

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